Take A Brick

How can LEGO appeal to teens and inspire them to rebuild their world by getting creative with bricks? We created a campaign that explores the mental health benefits of interacting with LEGO. We based the initiative on scientific findings that show that thousands of teens in the UK are willing to seriously harm their mental and physical health by abusing the highly addictive prescription drug Ritalin as a study aid to score perfect grades and cope with the pressure of getting into a good school. Aiming to make LEGO relevant to young people by reframing it as a catalyst for mental health awareness, Take A Brick was born: An initiative meant to inspire teens to ditch performance-enhancing drugs by encouraging them to turn to the ultimate remedy within: Creativity.

Copywriting: Maya Schneider, Lisa Kirmsse, Art Direction: Thit Lin Venning, Stephany Schlappkohl